Greetings!  Sorry I haven’t blog since Honduras trip.  It’s been hectic for past 2 months.  I was so busy with work and making plans for Master’s Hands camp and Nicaragua DOT workshop.  Also, survived through Hurricane Irma and my house took some hits.  There were some roof shingles missing.  Nothing major, the roof can be replaced.  My insurance will take care of it.  Biggest surprise is I still have power during the whole time!  But I feel bad for people who still don’t have power especially in south Florida.  Many lost their homes.  A lot of disasters are happening in this nation, coast to coast.  There are still fires in the west.  People are suffering and they need our support and prayers.  Someone left a link in my email.  Link – Interactive map.   You can see what’s happening in our country.  Please continue to pray for them.

Master’s Hands retreat camp is coming up very soon, starting this Friday.  I’m exciting!  Tim Smith, a deaf evangelist from Texas, will come to preach God’s Word.  Look forward to this weekend.

Lastly,  DOT Nicaragua plan is starting to come together.  I will lead a group with Lidia Powlison.  This is our first time to lead a workshop.  This will benefit us for our experience.  Really looking forward to see deaf people in Nicaragua!

Will update with camp and workshop soon.


Honduras Deaf Camp

Hola!  I want to share my experience for deaf camp in Honduras.  This was my second trip for Honduras mission.  I was looking forward to help deaf people who are in need to understand God’s Word in Honduras.  The camp theme was “Jesus is my anchor”.  I was assigned with 2 brothers in Christ to teach single men group.  We had a very good workshop with them.  They seem to understand what we taught.  We also had a wedding for 3 young couples in the camp.  I’ve never been to Latin wedding before.  It was very interesting.  Check out the pictures I have taken in Honduras below.  Get your popcorn ready and enjoy!

This section below is deaf school in San Pedro Sula.  We went there to see young deaf students.  They were very happy to see us.  We sang and told stories.  Later, we gave school supplies to students.  We had a great time with them.

Next section is deaf camp.  We worship, taught, performed, and had fellowship with them.  We had a blast time with them!   Most are very poor so we gave them clothes, towels, accessories, etc.

100_1279 (2)

Next, the wedding pictures.

Impressive workshop!

Hello!  God bless you all!  I’m happy to report that deaf Brazilian translators have completed a whole Book of Mark and a half of Book of Acts in Libras (Brazilian sign language).  They have worked so hard for 2 weeks.  I was so impressed!  They encouraged and supported each other when things were difficult.  There is a lot of unity in diversity among deaf.  They came here from different regions in Brazil.  They also come from different backgrounds and church denominations.  They will have another DOT workshop in Rio Grande, Brazil in early next year.  I’m looking forward to see them again.   I should mention that interpreters have done an amazing time with deaf translators.  They showed a lot of hard work, patience and encouragement.

I post some pictures that I took.  Below are camp buildings and soccer field.  I had so much fun playing soccer on one night!


You can see a chart below that they have completed a whole Book of Mark and a half of Acts.100_0963


Devotions, worship, workshop, and city of Brasilia pictures below.

Coming home soon!

Greetings!  Just a brief post here.  The workshop here is almost done.  I had an amazing time with deaf Brazilians and interpreters.  They’re a ton of fun to work with!  They worked so hard to translate God’s Word in their sign language.  They’re very close to complete a Book of Mark.  They did some chapters of Book of Acts.  They will continue to work on sign language translation in New Testament after this workshop.  I have really enjoyed to learn Brazilian sign language (LETRA).  The internet is really weak here so I will post some pictures and maybe a video when I get home.

Leaving for Brazil!

Greetings!  Today is my traveling day.  For those who don’t know where I’m going,  my destination will be Brasilia, Brazil.  This trip is for Bible sign language translation event.  Please pray for me and my group arrive safely in Brazil.

I have been looking forward to it for a while.  Can’t believe it’s happening very soon!  I’m really exciting to meet deaf people and interpreters in this event.  I was so busy lately, I haven’t had a chance to learn Brazilian sign language (Libras) online.  I guess I’m going to have to learn their sign language by interact them.  Please pray for deaf translators and interpreters to open their minds and hearts for understand our methods of translation and most importantly, God’s Word.  May God bless them for willing to come to our event!

I will keep you posted on this event.  Stay tuned!  🙂


Pray for us!

Greetings! I want to tell you that we face some difficulties while we’re preparing for DOT Brazil. Brazil have their policies for foreign visitors which made it more complicated for us. Like for example, they tax us a lot for bringing in multiple tablets for workshop. We use tablets for filming and editing in workshop. We need your help by praying for us. We trust the Lord and He knows our needs for this trip. We may not have our plans work out but God has much better plans for us. Please continue to pray for us and for deaf translators and interpreters in this event. We need protection, guidance, wisdom, peace and most importantly, love which He always does. 😊

One more week to go for flying to Brazil! Looking forward what God has for us in Brazil.

On side note, for those who don’t know what DOT means, it’s a program called Deaf Ownership Translation. It’s for Bible sign language translation for deaf people around the world. There are over 400 different sign languages. There is a huge need for deaf people to know about God’s Word. We just started this program early last year. It’s been a blessing for us.

My first blog post!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my new blog website!  I would like to share my blog with you and my supporters so you can see what I’m doing for ministry.  I want to tell you a little bit about myself.  Right now, I’m a member of Living Word Church for Master’s Hands Deaf Ministry.  I currently work part-time.  I have joined Wycliffe Associates as volunteer for a while but they want me to have a job as regional coordinator so I can go to WA, located in Orlando and do some awesome things.  I can go to missions anytime while I’m a member of WA staff.  I’m currently seeking to have fund-raising support for this job.  So far, I have received several donations.  I believe I will have enough donations for payroll someday, then I quit my current job and then join WA as full-time coordinator.  🙂

I will leave for Brazil on June 29th for 2 weeks.  It’s for Bible sign language translation mission.  There will be about 35 deaf and 36 interpreters in the workshop.  I’m so excited!  Will let you know how it’s going.

I will write my blog often.  I also will add some pictures and videos too.  Please check my blog regularly.

Thank you very much for your continued support!